Build 0.4.0_alpha_z5454 available

Sep 24, 2023

Built from trunk

Game Client Downloads

Windows: armagetronad-experimental-0.4.0_alpha_z5454.win32.exe

Linux 64 Bit: ArmagetronExperimental.AppImage

Linux 32 Bit: ArmagetronExperimental-32bit.AppImage

macOS: armagetronad-experimental-0.4.0_alpha_z5454.dmg

Game Server Downloads

Windows: armagetronad-experimental-dedicated-0.4.0_alpha_z5454.win32.exe

Linux 64 Bit: ArmagetronExperimentalDedicated.AppImage

Linux 32 Bit: ArmagetronExperimentalDedicated-32bit.AppImage

macOS: armagetronad-experimental-dedicated-0.4.0_alpha_z5454.dmg

Source Downloads

Tarball: armagetronad-experimental-0.4.0_alpha_z5454.tbz

ZIP for Windows Builds:

This is an EXPERIMENTAL build, the cautious should stay away. The daring should please report any problems they find.

Release Notes

This is from the 0.4 branch of development. Our experimental releases are derived from here.

Changes in AppImage Land: Our AppImage files now are signed and support bandwidth-saving updates via AppImageUpdate. They no longer carry their version in the filename because after an update, that would be a lie.

We now support installation via Flatpak for the 64-bit Linux client. Get the stable versions from Flathub; our own repository has those and also carries the usual test builds.

We started to integrate builds for macOS. Consider them alpha for now, testing and patches very welcome. The current macOS specific issues can be viewed on our tracker. worked around a crash bug in the (otherwise splendid) sdl12-compat library.

Patch Notes

Changes since

Fixed Bugs
  • Ubuntu PPA release candidate builds would overwrite previous stable releases (#15)
  • Bad video mode error recovery (#23)
  • Crash when entering any game on client on OpenBSD+clang (#30)
  • mathexpr.cpp: exp10 not available on OpenBSD (#31)
  • Global keyboard actions, like fullscreen toggle, triggered while entering text in text input fields (#32)
  • Windows: DPI scaling behavior wrong (#33)
  • AppRun script uses ~/.armagetronad as cache directory, should use ${XDG_CACHE_HOME:-~/.cache}/armagetronad (#43)
  • Music does not work on SDL_Mixer > 2.0.1 (#64)
  • Work around Ubuntu sending spurious window activation messages (#68)
  • Desktop/AppData/Icon files are installed in a wrong place during make install (#73)
  • Steam: No logging, does not work in pressure vessel (#77)
  • “xdg-icon-resource: command not found” on macOS (#83)
  • Retina display not working correctly (#88)
  • 0.4 macOS build crashes on startup (#94)
  • Fullscreen mode: flickering startup (#95)
  • Window title sometimes SDL_APP (#102)
  • Docker Image: Increase thread stack size (#104)
  • Client sends quickly typed chat message with last character missing (#106)
  • Fix invulnerability bug handling (#111)
  • Fix login prompt not accepting input immediately (#123)
  • User data saved in the wrong place on macOS (#125)
New Features
  • user.cfg fine grained upgrade system (#61)
  • Add AppImage zsync update data (#78)
  • Provide docker image for the dedicated server (#79)
  • Sign the application bundle (#89)
  • Add option for low DPI rendering (#96)
  • Make window resizable (#97)
Other Changes
  • Improve sound (#45)
  • Pasting does not properly handle unicode input (#51)
  • Flatpak adaptions (#75)
  • Improve deployment cancellation (#80)
  • Crash when votes are issued (#84)
  • Better detection for boost-thread (#85)
  • Add macOS dmg bundling (#86)
  • Integrate macOS build into pipeline (#87)
  • Windows debug build crashes on startup (#91)
  • 0.2.9 clients lose connection on 0.4 server (#98)
  • Backslashes not escaped when saving to user.cfg (#110)
  • Internal error in boost::thread::thread(const T &) [T = tMemberFunctionRunnerTemplate] ([#115](
  • Window size sometimes not set (#116)
  • Window drifts when toggling to fullscreen and back (#117)
  • macOS DMG Build (#119)
  • error: use of undeclared identifier ‘finite’; did you mean ‘isfinite’? (#120)
  • fadeout name improvements (#121)
  • Crash on dedicated server startup (#122)
  • Disable low latency mode if not waiting for vsync (#124)
  • Sound trouble deja entendu (#130)

Armanelgtron, AsciiWolf, Cosimo Cecchi, Daniel Harple, Dave Fancella, Foster McLane, Hugh McMaster, Jip, Luke-Jr, Manuel Moos, Matias Pino, Niklas Karbaum (ai.tron), Viorel-Cătălin Răpițeanu, Vitty, Voodoo, Yann Kaiser, armagetron at, epsy, guru3, madmax, philippeqc, pnoexz at, wrtlprnft, yarrt