Ubuntu PPA

PPAs are small, personal repositories for .deb packages. Builds are uploaded to four PPAs on Launchpad, installation instructions are behind the links:

  • The Main PPA houses releases (package armagetronad) as well as alphas, betas and experimentals. After adding the PPA to your system, pick between them via apt. As with the other installation methods, different branches can coexist.
  • The Staging PPA contains release candidates and builds of actual final releases before they gets added to the main PPA. Add this PPA to your system alongside the main PPA if you want to help test upcoming releases.
  • The LTS PPA contains builds from the most recent long term support branch. Its structure is parallel to the main PPA. Pick this PPA over the main one if you have a special need to be conservative with your upgrades, for example if you run a server and don’t want to check every time what we broke this month.
  • The LTS Staging PPA has the release candidates and staged releases for the LTS PPA.