Build available

Nov 22, 2020

Built from beta_0.2.8.3

Game Client Downloads

Windows: armagetronad-beta-

Linux 64 Bit: ArmagetronBeta-

Linux 32 Bit: ArmagetronBeta-32bit-

Game Server Downloads

Windows: armagetronad-beta-dedicated-

Linux 64 Bit: ArmagetronBetaDedicated-

Linux 32 Bit: ArmagetronBetaDedicated-32bit-

Source Downloads

Tarball: armagetronad-beta-

ZIP for Windows Builds:

This is a BETA build, please report any problems you find.

Release Notes

This is from the branch of development. It is the most recent LTS (Long Term Support) branch. While it is the most recent LTS branch, it will receive security fixes, adaptions to new compilers and Linux versions and some less important bugfixes.

Target audience for this series are mostly Linux distributors who do not want to upgrade to 0.2.9 just yet. is the first release using the build system that powers the 0.2.9 series. It should bring more consistency between this and future releases, but as newer versions of autotools are now used, differences to in the tarball are to be expected.

Patch Notes

Changes since

Fixed Bugs
  • Windows: DPI scaling behavior wrong (#33)
  • Crash in menu key repeat handling (#66)
  • Client segfaults on OpenBSD (#26)
  • Debian builds: Documentation html files have empty last change (#9)
  • Ubuntu PPA release candidate builds would overwrite previous stable releases (#15)
  • Can’t open the .appimage file. Missing (#54)
  • AppRun script does not work if call path contains spaces (#24)
  • Included forum links outdated (#25)
  • Client compiled with clang 10.0 (optimized) sefgaults on logout (#28)
  • Valgrind reports uses of unitialized, freed or invalid memory (#29)
  • AppImage library content still lacking (#63)
New Features
  • Adapt ChangeLog and fingerprint generation to git (#11)
  • Integrated build system (#14)

Hugh McMaster, Manuel Moos