Build 0.4.0_alpha_z4634 available

Jul 29, 2020

Built from master

Game Client Downloads

Windows: armagetronad-experimental-0.4.0_alpha_z4634.win32.exe

Linux 64 Bit: ArmagetronExperimental-0.4.0_alpha_z4634

Linux 32 Bit: ArmagetronExperimental-32bit-0.4.0_alpha_z4634

Game Server Downloads

Windows: armagetronad-experimental-dedicated-0.4.0_alpha_z4634.win32.exe

Linux 64 Bit: ArmagetronExperimentalDedicated-0.4.0_alpha_z4634

Linux 32 Bit: ArmagetronExperimentalDedicated-32bit-0.4.0_alpha_z4634

Source Downloads

Tarball: armagetronad-experimental-0.4.0_alpha_z4634.tbz

ZIP for Windows Builds:

This is an EXPERIMENTAL build, the cautious should stay away. The daring should please report any problems they find.

Patch Notes

Changes since

Fixed Bugs
  • Ubuntu PPA release candidate builds would overwrite previous stable releases (#15)
  • Bad video mode error recovery (#23)
  • Crash when entering any game on client on OpenBSD+clang (#30)
  • mathexpr.cpp: exp10 not available on OpenBSD (#31)
  • Global keyboard actions, like fullscreen toggle, triggered while entering text in text input fields (#32)
  • Windows: DPI scaling behavior wrong (#33)
New Features
  • Make AppImage builds fit for registration at AppImageHub (#17)
  • Make SIZE_ and SPEED_FACTOR floating point instead of integer (#20)
  • Do not show a player’s own IP on the client (#27)
  • Make –playback optional so recordings can be more easily played back (#37)
  • Steam on Windows: Add playback registry keys so .aarec files automatically playback with a doubleclick (#38)
Other Changes
  • Make custom camera the default for new players (#35)
  • Turn down tutorial tooltip spam (#36)
  • Onboarding game improvements (#39)

Armanelgtron, Daniel Harple, Dave Fancella, Foster McLane, Hugh McMaster, Jip, Luke-Jr, Manuel Moos, Matias Pino, Niklas Karbaum (ai.tron), SwagTron, Vitty, Voodoo, Yann Kaiser, armagetron at, epsy, guru3, madmax, philippeqc, pnoexz at, wrtlprnft, yarrt